Shopping for skin care products can be quite daunting, especially when you have no idea about which products you should buy. When purchasing skin care products, you need to make certain you purchase products that are specific to your skin type, whether that is dry, normal, or oily skin. 

A consistent skin care routine is important because our faces are exposed to environmental factors such as varying weather patterns, pollution, and make-up products that contain harmful ingredients. It is easy to overlook a skin care routine in your early ages because your skin is relatively in good condition when you are younger. However, what most people tend to not focus on is that when you do not tend to your skin during the early stages of your youth, this may impact negatively on your future skin. Try to prevent this error by starting your skin care routine now. 

Proper skin care regimens can seem quite complicated but if you take the time to learn the basics, you will soon get the hang of it. Let’s learn more about this simple 3 step guide to healthy looking skin. 

Cleanse Your Face 

Step one to all skin care routines is cleansing. This is when you wash your face with a chosen cleanser to remove built up dirt and impurities. Depending on your skin routine, you can cleanse once in the morning or twice each day. Cleansers are quite strong products that remove dirt, so they will generally leave your skin feeling dry, hence why it is important to follow this skin care step with the below. 

Apply a Toner 

Step two of our skin routine is toning. Toning is a step that is based on personal preference because it can be skipped if you do not want the added time on your routine. Toners are a water-based formulation that assists in removing excess oil and dead skin cells post cleansing. They can also reduce inflammation.

To tone, use a cotton ball and rotate it in circular motions around your face. The most used toners are hydrating toners because they are the gentlest on skins and they manage to remove the tight feeling some cleansers might leave on skins.

Moisturize Your Face 

The final step to this skin care routine is moisturizing. This step is extremely important because it will prevent your skin from losing moisture. A great moisturizer is one that will replenish hydration and keep your skin from drying out. If you have applied a moisturizer and your face still feels dry and rough, you need to change it. 

When shopping, try finding a moisturizer that includes ingredients such as glycerine and Vitamin E. Some moisturizers also come with SPF added into the mixture to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. These moisturizers are fantastic. 

A simple skin care routine does not have to be difficult nor take hours to complete. It can be as easy as when you play for real money. Now that you have learned the simplest skin care regimen, you have no excuse not to have beautiful looking skin.   

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