Glamorama: tutti i Giovedì sera dalle 21:00 alle 23:00 su Radio Città Fujiko, in compagnia di Fabio Merighi, Giancarlo Fantazzini, Stefano Benuzzi e Antonio Cervone. Puntata del 21 Settembre 2023 su Mixcloud.

Indie Rock

BLUR – Barbaric (Parlophone)
THE DRUMS – The Flowers (ANTI-)
CENTIPEDE – Ritual (Soundcloud)
SEABLITE – Pot Of Boiling Water (Mt.St.Mtn.)
CHEMICAL CLUB – Couches Killing Me (Arts & Crafts)
DOWNTOWN BOYS – Dancing In The Dark (Don Giovanni)
BAR ITALIA – My Little Tony (Matador)
SEXTILE – Modern Weekend (Sacred Bones)
ROMY – Loveher (Young)
DIPPERS – S.I.M. (Goner)
ZZZAHARA – Idk How To Luv (Bandcamp)
SLEAFORD MODS – Big Pharma (Rough Trade)
P.I.L. – Being Stupid Again (PiL Official)
SCREENSAVER – Drainer (Upset The Rhythm)
SPARKLEHORSE – It Will Never Stop (ANTI-)
WIMPS – Mom (Youth Riot)
THE HANNA BARBERAS – Party From Hell (The Hanna Barberas)
BLEACH LAB – Counting Empties (Nettwerk)
THE SUNCHARMS – 3:45 (Sunday)
CASTLEBEAT – Nothing (Spirit Goth)
THE TOADS – Nationalsville (Upset The Rhythm)
SLOWDIVE – The Slab (Dead Oceans)
RED MISHIMA & THOMAS P. – View From A Hill (Darkitalia/ Bandcamp)