With the recent technological advancements, music streaming services have become the most popular way of listening to your favourite artists. These monthly subscriptions offer their customers with millions of songs to listen to. With the increased demand for music streaming services, every company wants to stand out from their competitors and be the best in the music industry.

We will be providing you with 4 of the most popular music streaming services to date. 

Apple Music 

Apple Music was initially a music streaming service that was solely for Apple device users but now, they have decided to diversify their clientele and reach out to Android devices too. 

Apple Music includes individual subscription which costs $10 per month, and a family subscription which costs $15 per month and supports 6 members.  

Advantages of Apple Music is that it includes live radio and specialized playlists, and the disadvantages of Apple Music is that it does not offer a free version.  


Spotify is a music streaming site that is friendly on any device. It has a large music collection and is quite a popular option for many. 

Spotify has several plans to choose from. You can choose the free version which includes ads. A Spotify premium version that costs $10 per month without ads. A Spotify premium duo that supports 2 family members and costs $13 without ads, and a Spotify premium family that supports 6 family members which costs $16 without ads.

The advantage of Spotify is that it includes a free version, and the disadvantage is when you have a free version, the sound quality is relatively lower than premium versions. 


What separates Tidal from other music streaming platforms is that when you visit website it offers a higher audio resolution, making your music experience worthwhile. 

Tidal plans include a premium which costs $10 per month, Tidal Hifi which costs $20 per month, Tidal family premium which costs $15 per month and supports 6 members and Tidal family Hifi which costs $30 per month and supports 6 family members. 

The advantage of Tidal is that it offers higher audio quality compared to its competitors and the disadvantage is that it is more expensive than other music streaming platforms. 

YouTube Music

Compared to its competitors, the YouTube Music streaming service is a relatively new concept, but due to the YouTube brand being so reputable, the streaming service, like Netflix, has been receiving some positive reviews.

YouTube Music plans include the free version that has some ads, the premium version which costs $10 per month and is ad free, the premium family which costs $15 per month and supports 6 members and the premium bundle which costs $12 per month and includes access to ad free YouTube and YouTube music. 

The advantages of YouTube Music is that it has a free version and the streaming service manages to integrate smoothly with the other google services. The disadvantage is that the music quality and collections for the free version are not like that of the paid versions. 

These are only a few of the music streaming services that are available. If you feel the need to make more comparisons with other music streaming services, this will be beneficial to you. At the end of the day, you will to subscribe to a music streaming service that will suit your requirements.