Puntata in puntata in diretta con Diego e Cesare

Puntata in diretta densa di nuove uscite e vecchie glorie.

ecco la plylist di oggi

Nina Simone – Funkier than mosquito tweeter

Kelis – Jerk ribs

Mark Murphy – Why don’t you do right

Eddie Shin – Sketches of skretches

Ann Robinson – You did it

The Winstons – Amen brother

Ted Yaylor – It’s a funky situation

Smove & Turrell – Lay it on me

Firewalker – Jungle fire

Hercules love affaire – Do you feel the same

Mousse T (daniel solar & Andy de luxe) – Horny

Disclousure – Latch

Sharon Reed – Can you handle it (francoise kevorkian rmx)

Thievery Corporation – Sola in città

Buon ascolto!