1) Marvin Gaye – Try It You’ll Like It (Let’s Get It On –  De Luxe Edition)
  2) Bobby Womack – I Can Understand It (Understanding)
  3) Dwele – That’s The Way Of The World (Interpretations)
  4) D’Angelo – Another Life (Black Messiah)
  5) D’Angelo – ‘Til It’s done (Black Messiah)
  6) Jarrod Lawson – Music And It’s Magical Ways (Jarrod Lawson)
  7) Josephine Sincere – Snowflakes (Wildflower)
  8) Gregory Porter – Musical Genocide (Liquid Spirit)
  9) Leon Ware – Blue Dress (Moon Ride)
10) Carleen Anderson – All In My Mind (Soul Providence)
11) Leela James – Clean Up Woman (Let’s Do It Again)
12) Nicola Conte/Bridgette Amofah – Ode To Billy Joe (Free Soul)
13) Josè James – 4 Noble Truth (While You Were Sleeping)
14) Josè James – Nola (The Dreamer)
15) Roy Hargrove – Salima’s dance (Nothing Serious)
16) Amp Fiddler – Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly (Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly)
17) Live Tropical Fish – Shape Your Life (Shape Your Life)
18) Common/Kanye West/Last Poets – The Corner (Be)

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