Glamorama: tutti i Giovedì sera dalle 21:00 alle 23:00 su Radio Città Fujiko, in compagnia di Fabio Merighi, Giancarlo Fantazzini, Stefano Benuzzi e Antonio Cervone. Puntata dell’11 Aprile 2024 su Mixcloud.

Indie Rock

SHOUT OUT LOUDS – Hurry Up Revisited (Bud Fox)
SIBILLE ATTAR – Tuff (Bandcamp)
HER SKIN – Karen’s Couch (WWNBB)
NEUTRALS – Wish You Were Here (Slumberland)
SHOUT OUT LOUDS – Please Please Please Revisited (Bud Fox)
HOMEWORK – Dummny Run (Bandcamp)
HEART SHAPED – Felt (Poison Moon)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS – Chasing Colours (Deadstrange)
SLOWGUN – Next Time (O Genesis)
WILLIAM DOYLE – Now In Motion (Tough Love)
DRAHLA – Second Rhythm (Captured Tracks)
THE CHURCH – Realm Of Minor Angels (Communicating Vessel)
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN – Girl 71 (Fuzz Club)
BOECKNER – Ghost In The Mirror (Sub Pop)
MODERN ENGLISH – Plastic (Mesh & Lace)