Glamorama: tutti i Giovedì sera dalle 21:00 alle 23:00 su Radio Città Fujiko, in compagnia di Fabio Merighi, Giancarlo Fantazzini, Stefano Benuzzi e Antonio Cervone. Puntata dell’1 Febbraio 2024 su Mixcloud e Soundcloud

Indie Rock

COACH PARTY – July (Chess Club)
IT’S FOR US – Sandy Beaches (Novoton)
CRYSTAL CANYON – Cobra Aurora (Crystal Canyon)
PERNICE BROTHERS – Who Will You Believe (Pernice Brothers)
SUPERVULCANO – Setting Sun Gaze (Bandcamp)
HER SKIN – Practical Magic (WWNBB)
NEWDAD – Angel (A Fair Youth)
RYANN GONSALVES – Burrowing (Dandy Boy)
HEART SHAPED – Felt (Poison Moon)
BDRMM – Hidden Cinema (Rock Action)
BAR ITALIA – My Little Tony (Matador)
THE UMBRELLAS – Three Cheers! (Tough Love)
BILL RYDER-JONES – If Tomorrow Starts Without Me (Domino)
CRUUSH – Headspace (Heist Or Hit)
DAIISTAR – Tracemaker (Fuzz Club)
THE VACCINES – Lunar Eclipse (Super Easy)
YARD ACT – We Make Hits (Island)
JUSTICE feat. TAME IMPALA – One Night/All Night (Genesis)
A CERTAIN RATIO – All Comes Down To This (Mute)
VIDEO DAYS – Garden (Spirit Goth)
JULIE BYRNE – Summer Glass (Ghostly International)
FINNOGANS WAKE – So Nice (What’s Your Rapture?)
JONNINE – Can I Trust The Flowers (N&J Blueberries)