Glamorama: tutti i Giovedì sera dalle 21:00 alle 23:00 su Radio Città Fujiko, in compagnia di Fabio Merighi, Giancarlo Fantazzini, Stefano Benuzzi e Antonio Cervone. Puntata del 6 Luglio 2023 su Mixcloud.

Indie Rock

NATION OF LANGUAGE – The Wall & I (Nation Of Language)
PODCAST – Summerland 1992 (OSL)
GRIAN CHATTEN – Salt Throwers Off A Truck (Partisan)
LAEL NEALE – I Am The River (Sub Pop)
BRIDGE DOG – Blue Flags (Friendly Stray)
PORTLAND – Killer’s Mind (PIAS)
STRANGE RANGER – Way Out (Fire Talk)
BDRMM – We Fall Apart (Rock Action)
SDH – Denial (Avant!)
CORVAIR – Right Hook (Paper Walls)
AUTOBAHN – Tension (Tough Love)
FALENE – Scontrini (Falene)
SPECIAL FRIEND – Fault Lines (Skep Wax)
MARGARITAS POTRIDAS – Corazon (Margaritas Potridas)
CABLE TIES – True For You (Merge)
THE RED, PINKS & PURPLES – Unlovable Losers (Burundi Cloud)
RVG – Nothing Really Changes (Fire)
THE FAMILY BATTENBERG – Runny Hunny (Bandcamp)
THE TELESCOPES – Where Do We Begin? (Tapete)