Glamorama: tutti i Giovedì sera dalle 21:00 alle 23:00 su Radio Città Fujiko, in compagnia di Fabio Merighi, Giancarlo Fantazzini, Stefano Benuzzi e Antonio Cervone. Puntata del 4 Aprile 2024 su Mixcloud.

Indie Rock

MGMT – Nothing To Declare (Mom + Pop)
LUMER – One Hundred Years Of Solitude (Sour Grapes)
EKKSTACY – Bella (United Masters)
FOUND SPACE – Tell Me (Spirit Goth)
WAVING BLUE – What A Mess (Bandcamp)
OH BOLAND – Here Comes The Order Of Malta (Meritorio)
DEATHSPORT – Worrymind (Duchess Box)
DANCER – Troi (Meritorio)
HER SKIN – Practical Magic (WWNBB)
ZENXITH – Ed Wood Was There (Salt Mine)
LUBY SPARKS – Stayaway (Luby Sparks)
DOG DAY – Face The Music (Fundog)
PALE SPECTRES – For You (Pale Spectres)
ULTRAVOX! – The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned (Island)
FACS – North America Endless (Sub Pop)
J. ROBBINS – Old Soul (Dischord)
HAZEL ENGLISH – Jesse (Hazel English)
VR SEX – Squid Row (Dais)
THE DRUMS – The Impossible (Anti)
JETSTREAM PONY – Look Alive! (Skep Wax)
MO DOTTI – For Anyone And You (MD)
DEE C. LEE – Walk Away (Acid Jazz)