Una carrellata sulla ricchissima produzione dell’etichetta Ecm di Manfred Eicher: Carla Bley, Ethan Iverson, Oded Tzur e Vincent Courtois

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Carla Bley / Andy Sheppard / Steve Swallow: Life Goes On

brani: ; Copycat, After You, The Leader

formazione: Carla Bley: piano; Andy Sheppard: saxophone; Steve Swallow: bass.

Oded Tzur: Here Be Dragons

brano: The dream

formazione: Oded Tzur: tenor saxophone; Nitai Hershkovits: piano; Petros Klampanis: double bass; Johnathan Blake: drums.

Ethan Iverson Quartet – Common Practice

brano: I remember you

formazione: Tom Harrell: trumpet; Ethan Iverson: piano; Ben Street: bass; Eric McPherson: drums.

Vincent Courtois – Love of life

brani: The Road, The sea-wolf, To build a fire part 2, South of the slot

formazione: Vincent Courtois   Cello, Robin Fincker   Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Daniel Erdmann   Tenor Saxophone

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