Brenstation, On Air tutti i giovedì su Radio Città Fujiko dalle 17 alle 18.

TRACK LIST ( giov 23 06 2011)

1) 1982 “Put it Down” Ft Ghetto & Easy Money

2) Game “I’m on” Ft. Mars

3) Lil’ Mama “Ny Ny La La” Ft. Snoop Dogg

4) 50 Cent “They Burned Me”

5) Asher Roth “Summertime” Ft. Quan

6) Travis Barker, Pharrell Williams & Lupe Fiasco “If You Want To”

7) Twista and Shawnna ”Pop Off”

8) The Cool Kids Ft Mayer Hawthorne “Swimsuits”

9) Young De “Ready to Go” Ft Scoop Devillexzibit and Brevi

10) A Tribe Called Quest “Check the Rhime”

Brenstation 23-06-2011 by Brenstation