Sax solo di alta qualità: Tony Mallaby, Tim Berne, Jd Allen e Michael Blake

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Ches Smith and TheseArches – International Hoohah

brani: Anxiety Disorder, International Hoohah, Punks Vs Jocks, Finally Out Of My Hands

formazione: Accordion, Electronics – Andrea Parkins , Alto Saxophone – Tim Berne , Drums – Ches Smith , Guitar – Mary Halvorson , Tenor Saxophone – Tony Malaby

JD Allen – Bloom

brani: Stardust, Rule of Thirds, Pater noster

formazione: .JD. Allen – tenorsaxophone, Orrin Evans (piano), Alexander Claffy (basso) e Jonathan Barber (batteria)

Michael Blake: Tiddy Boom

brani:  Boogaloop, Coastline, The Ambassadors

formazione: Michael Blake: sax tenore; Frank Kimbrough: piano; Ben Allison: basso; Rudy Royston: batteria

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